Nymbol are specialists in our field and as such we’ve developed some tried and tested methods of working. This is our approach:

Discussion and collaboration

The most vital part of our process is to work in full collaboration with our clients’ in-house team, including curators, archivists, marketers, education and visitor experience experts. We need to really understand the vision and ambitions of the client organisation, the kind of audiences they want to reach and the stories behind the material in their collections and archives.

Our team of content specialists and developers will then work with the organisation to create new ideas and solutions for how to tell these stories digitally.


Workshop discussions allow us to gain a deeper understanding of the organisation. We ask lots of questions about the archive, the organisation’s visions and its target audiences. An initial session is used to understand the current platforms and events, which the organisation uses to engage audiences. Although no two developments are the same, we also like to give the organisation a chance to find out about Nymbol’s full range of technologies and understand what’s possible from seeing what others have achieved.

Design and Content Development

The design of any Nymbol project is guided by the stories within an organisation, including their collections and archives. We work with you to develop content, funding new ways of making connections across your archives and collections and uncovering items that may never have been available to a digital audience. Early work on content development informs the design and ultimately technical build of the digital experience.

Iterative Development and User Feedback

Our development process is iterative – which means we check back regularly with key stakeholders within the organisation and more importantly the potential audiences. This way we can gain feedback and test audience reactions to inform the development, as we go.

If the idea we are developing is particularly new for the organisation, we often produce a prototype before moving forwards with development.

Sourcing funding

We also work alongside cultural and heritage organisations to help secure grants and other funding for their innovative digital projects – previous clients have been awarded funding by the Technology Strategy Board and Creative England, with our support.

If you have a budget but it needs topping up, we’d be happy to discuss solutions.

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